2's and 3's and 23's (smiletodie) wrote,
2's and 3's and 23's


what the hell did this guy do to me.
i've never cared about things like the things i do now.
i'm fucking going soft.
and i mean i don't know what's going on.

i almost vomited and cried just talking to him about having a threesome.
that would never have bothered me before.
now i can't even stand thinking about him thinking other girls are pretty.

to hell with this all.

but on the plus side...we have all kinds of good things planned for the near future.
and one of them being us going on vacation to california.
that's what he's getting me for christmas.
i swear no one will ever be able to buy me presents before too much longer because he's already topped anything anyone will ever do for me.
mentally or physically.
that's right baby.
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