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this is life.
it's what we fight (being ourselves, the world or thoughts) to continue pursuing.
it's a screaming child in the other room, a parent afraid to let their child move out and make their own paths, it's a front door you can't seem to stop walking through no matter how guilty others try to make you feel.

it's a plan to move away with a person you can't comprehend the amounts of love you feel for.
it's the look in their eyes when they wake up and just stare in your direction smiling.
then tell you they love and you can not only hear it but feel it all over.
don't stop and take a breath to absorb it all, continue enjoying it in a repetitive manner.
because that's what it's there for.

we don't live enough.
we don't breath we don't smile we don't conceive things the way they were meant to be conceived.
we don't shake it til it's dry.

don't sleep anymore, don't shy away from opportunity.

this is finding out who you are.
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