2's and 3's and 23's (smiletodie) wrote,
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what an intense past few days.
a little over a week, and it's been good.
i've kicked it with a interesting mixture of people, none of which were bad.
eh well i take that back, a certain night turned out not so well.
but whatever.

things are on the up and up.
and sleep should be a sweet surrender, but alas, no dice.
for some reason i can't fathom sleeping right now.
it could take some life out of me that i'm not willing to spare.

that isn't meant to sound negative.
random people, and this small world.
it never seizes to amaze me.
hmm...it's been a minute since i written seize and it looks ridiculous.

alright babbling and things of the such are now dubbed the burden of my amazing boyfriends because livejournal is a lost cause.
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