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this is an interesting situation.
i need advice on this one for sure.
i don't know if i should tell chris about this or not.
he deserves to know considering he thinks this dude is a friend.
but a friend (whether the girl had been with him in the past or not) wouldn't come over to your girlfriends house at 5 in the morning, then 6, then again at 9:20 to ask her to go have some "fun" with him and this other guy.

that was slightly awkward.

in other news: i'm tired as hell. i've been up since 7.
that was after only having an hour of sleep.
i need a nap and i want to cuddle but he's in school right now.
boo! why can't he be here now.

um friday.
then noooo more for a while.
it's turning into something we didn't want it to.
we don't like where it's going.
i don't like that i actually got mad at him lastnight because of it.
so it's time for a break from it.
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things went from here to there in a matter of seconds when he called after he got out of court today.
the year probation turned into only 6 months which is not bad.
but they took his license away from 4 months.
and some other things.
everything was going good for him.
he was doing better.
he was passing all classes, doing all his homework, got a job, and was a day away from getting a new car.
aaaaaand then shit.

i wish i would have been around then to stop all this from happening.
i would have helped him stay out of trouble.

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he got a new job and works every day this week.
no cuddling for me until friday night.
also, possibly not seeing him until friday.
oh hell, this is going to be tough.

he told me his blanket smells like me and that makes it easier for him to sleep but harder for him to wake up.
he said he reaches over for me because he forgets i'm not there.
it made me smile like a girl that just won prom queen.
you know if she cared about that sort of thing. hah

catching up with old friends that you miss never gets old.
i miss him and can't wait for him and her, and me and chris to just sit back and hang out.
it'll happen soon.
i hope.

ps. to you:
you have been in quite a few of my dreams lately.
i miss you.
i wish we still talked more.

now i'm going to put on his shirt (that still smells like him), his boxers, and curl up on the couch and watch american psycho.
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i just ate a bowl of chili, and you have no idea how amazing it was because of this cold weather.

chris is amazing.
we're yet to have a bad time.

i'm tired but am currently waiting for him to get home from his drive from my house so that we can talk.

theeeeeeeen i'm going to sleep for hours upon hours.

and tomorrow will be great.
but in all honesty i can't wait for friday.

oh yeah my birthday was amazing.
he was the only one that got me a present how funny is that.
he spent almost $300 altogether on us.
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my birthday is friday.
i'll be away from here and everyone around here.
that alone is a present enough.
he needs to get away just as much as i do.
this weekend will be amazing.
i dyed his hair lastnight.
black, with blonde in the front of his bangs the under layer of them.
sometime later this week we're dying the blonde this bright red color.
it looks real hot actually. i was afraid i wasn't going to like it.

and to answer your question amy the "WHO?" you were wondering about is chris hughes.

this is the first time i've really been home in about 5 days.
i've stayed at his house every day.
i also aquired a lovely fucking flu.
my throat is so jacked up looking. infeeeeeection.
so it's thera-flu drinks, hot long baths, and gargling salt water until thursday.
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hey so um my birthday is in exactly one week and he's taking me to chicago.
i get to see the bled, underoath, thrice and veta (i guess that's how you spell it).
though i don't much care to see any of those bands anymore, besides the bled i'm still stoked.
he's taking me to chicago, getting us a room, and taking me out to dinner before the show.
and some other super fun stuff.
we're both excited.

then saturday is anooooother birthday thing with christopher, my dad and his girlfriend.
and yet again, suuuper excited.

he makes me stay the night with him so that i will make him get up for school.
but then we both complain because he doesn't get to sleep until like 3:30 in the morning.
i suck.

he's taking me to dinner tonight after i get off work as well.
i'm almost pretty sure we're cuter than anyone ever. hah.

shit, now i have to go get ready for work. SUCK!
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it turned into something i never would have imagined.
it hit a whole new level.
i'm soaring.
this is all welcoming.
and for once...i don't care where everything else is going.
and nothing has to happen as planned.
this is what the flow must feel like.

say something.
his voice in my ear saying "baby, what's wrong?" can stop me mid-thought
don't say anything yet because you don't even know what is on my mind.
because honestly, this is bliss.
and i am okay with it for once in my life.

i think it's time we went on a killing spree.
just to ease the tention in the air.

then i want us to set out to sea on a yacht.
there's a place we'll make our own.
smile for me baby.

and the week is rapidly getting longer.
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great and or amazing, past week.
i guess you could say it's been a week or so.

and i wouldn't change a thing.
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so i like hanging out with a lot of people right now.
a few in peticular.
and these certain two are extra fun to hang out with.
and this one in peticular is pretty great as of thus far.

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kayla for some reason it never let's me comment to you.
everytime i try to it says a problem has occured and closes my internet.
anyway, yeah...that was probably the sweetest comment ever.
thank you so much i love you and miss you too.
we will see each other sometime soon i promise.

in other news:
what started off as a terrible night because of being super busy at work and dying from my sickness...i left work early.
i came home and chilled for a little and then found chris to chill with for a while.
now i'm home and i feel kind of sore again.
i'll live.

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